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Who We Are

About Nextwave

We are a marketing and design firm focused on brand strategy, graphic design and strategic communications

Designing for the Future

Design has never been more important, nor more challenging. In the last five years, the capabilities of creative professionals – and the expectations of consumers – have evolved by leaps and bounds. As a result, the groundbreaking innovations of yesterday – interactive web sites, mobile apps, streaming videos, social media presence – are no longer impressive luxuries; they are staples of the marketing process.

At Nextwave, we’re immersed in that reality on a daily basis, working to modernize our clients’ brands and redefine their visual identities. Far beyond logos and pretty pictures, effective design creates a cohesive, engaging brand experience across every touch point. It differentiates, educates, motivates. At Nextwave we help companies connect – visually, verbally, and emotionally – with the people who matter most.

We’ve been winning hearts and minds for more than 20 years. And as the pace of change accelerates, we keep finding new ways to define the word “creative.”

Why Clients Choose Us

We stand out from the crowd (in our business, that’s important). Here’s why:

We’ve been around. We started Nextwave in 1998, with plenty of experience already under our belts. We’ve worked as designers and creative directors at major ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve watched technology explode and revolutionize the design world. Yet we also understand that some things never change, like the power of images to inform, educate and persuade.

We’re businesspeople too: We understand that your project has to do more than just look good. It has to get results. That’s why we take a consultative approach to understand your company’s mission and your project goals, set targets to define success, and follow-up with measurement and modifications.

We’re versatile: Different audiences require different design styles. With diverse experience in B2B, B2C, and H2H marketing, advertising, internal communications and more, we adapt to meet your needs.


We understand your content has to do more than just look good. It has to get results.

Nextwave Creative

Your Story … Brilliantly Told

 A ny message, expressed with energy, clarity and passion, can move people to action. And that’s why clients come to Nextwave – to move people. Whether it’s drawing in customers or reinvigorating your workforce, we can help. Our product is the creative union of images, words and technology, artfully blended to capture your message and evoke a response.

More importantly, we bring continuity to the entire brand experience. Every creative element is a piece of a bigger picture, working in harmony to create valuable relationships with your customers and employees. That’s why we think of ourselves as more than “designers” – we are creative strategists focused on producing business results.


    Strategy Implementation

    Cross-Channel Campaigns
    Messaging & Positioning
    Social Media
    Brand Management
    Communications Planning


    Digital Media
    ui/ux Design


    Digital Content


Our Process

6 Step Process-35


1. Discovery

It seems every “new” project has a back story, so asking and answering the right questions up front sets us down the right path. We’ll walk you through the thought process of clarifying where you’ve already been, where you need to go, and why.

2. Strategy & Concept

Our experience can help you steer clear of well-intentioned but ill-fated efforts, and guide you toward creative solutions that don’t just look sharp, but produce results. We’ve learned not to rely on assumptions, which is why we work closely with you from the very beginning – to ensure our efforts match your vision.

3. Design

With an approved concept as our guide, we bring your story to life with visuals that are fresh, compelling, and optimized for today’s digital media. At the same time, we respect your established brand standards and can work within the larger framework of your existing corporate goals.That often entails a digital media campaign spanning web, print, video, and social media.

4. Build

Some projects begin and end with graphic design. Most of our work, however, goes well beyond the point of being “aesthetically pleasing.” We aim to make an impact, to jump-start your audience with a jolt of creative energy they can see, hear, touch and experience. That often entails a digital media campaign spanning web, print, video, and social media.

5. Deliver & Refine

Creative work hasn’t done its job until the finished product connects with your audience. So we don’t disappear when the graphics get approved. We see every project through to the end, whether it’s initiating “go-live” for a web site, getting the right file formats to the printer, or ensuring the successful upload and implementation of touch technology for an iPad app.



Each year, Nextwave serves a small number of clients at a very high level. We’ve picked out a few projects below to share with you.


Get Connected


The major innovations of the last decade — MOBILE, SOCIAL and CLOUD — are the commodities of the next decade.

Nextwave Creative

Clients Served

We focus on marketing communications for fortune 500 companies

  • Nextwave understands our place in the market, what we’re trying to achieve and how to communicate it.

    Head of Business Performance, Nokia
  • Karen is highly creative and talented and uses these gifts to bring insights into projects that I have been unable to replicate anywhere. Nextwave Creative deserves the highest recommendation I can offer.

    Senior Manager Sustainability Operations Americas, Microsoft
  • I think the most telling thing about working with Nextwave is that you care about the whole project, and would rather make it right than jeopardize its success because there might have been an easier way to do something.

    Director Communications & Recognition, Pizza Hut
  • This e-Learning solution has won rave reviews in the Americas, Europe and APAC. Its simple language and graphics made highly technical content easy to comprehend for more than 6,000 global users at our product creation and product delivery sites around the world.

    Program Director, CMO Customer Engagement Solutions, Nokia Global
  • I have worked with other large design/creative teams and not a single one has delivered to the level in which Nextwave has. Your team took the time to know our business and anticipate our needs.

    Director of Employee Recognition, Taco Bell Corporation
  • I would definitely recommend Nextwave to any business searching for an advertising marketing partner that truly represents the best interest of their client. They have made a significant and positive impact to our overall business plan in a very short time.

    General Manager, Gilley’s Dallas

Intel Security
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell


Graphic Artists Guild
Adobe Labs

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