6 Step Process-35


1. Discovery
It seems every “new” project has a back story, so asking and answering the right questions up front sets us down the right path. We’ll walk you through the thought process of clarifying where you’ve already been, where you need to go, and why.

2. Strategy & Concept
Our experience can help you steer clear of well-intentioned but ill-fated efforts, and guide you toward creative solutions that don’t just look sharp, but produce results. We’ve learned not to rely on assumptions, which is why we work closely with you from the very beginning – to ensure our efforts match your vision.

3. Design
With an approved concept as our guide, we bring your story to life with visuals that are fresh, compelling, and optimized for today’s digital media. At the same time, we respect your established brand standards and can work within the larger framework of your existing corporate goals.

4. Build
Some projects begin and end with graphic design. Most of our work, however, goes well beyond the point of being “aesthetically pleasing.” We aim to make an impact, to jump-start your audience with a jolt of creative energy they can see, hear, touch and experience. That often entails a digital media campaign spanning web, print, video, and social media.

5. Deliver & Refine
Creative work hasn’t done its job until the finished product connects with your audience. So we don’t disappear when the graphics get approved. We see every project through to the end, whether it’s initiating “go-live” for a web site, getting the right file formats to the printer, or ensuring the successful upload and implementation of touch technology for an iPad app.

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