Inspiring Change

Events bring refreshed brand to life

A brand is so much more than a logo or mere words on paper. It’s an expression of what makes a company unique and appealing. At its best, a brand is an experience to be consumed and shared in 360 degrees, which is what makes corporate events such a perfect way to showcase a compelling brand. We helped Expressworks International embrace that idea for a series of events engaging both customers and employees.

In connection with the change management consulting firm’s 30th anniversary, Expressworks called on Nextwave to organize two client appreciation events at urban museums. Nextwave tied the event creative to inspiring works of art at the museums, inviting attendees to “see change in a whole new light.”

Next was the company’s annual leadership and “all-hands” meeting, a multi-day strategy and team-building event bringing together consultants from around the world. Nextwave started by producing an updated brand messaging platform to help employees deeply understand the brand and how their clients experience it every day. The event theme built on these messages, challenging team members to “Reconnect, Reimagine, and Redefine.” Nextwave provided event planning and creative design for all events to ensure the firm’s bold new vision was seen, heard and felt, while reinforcing the long-held values that have kept Expressworks growing for three decades.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Creating an experience to align employees and consultants with the brand, and bringing the clients vision of the brand forward.

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