Strategic Simplicity

How a One-minute Video Conveys a Brand Promise

Expressworks, a change management consulting firm, helps major companies complete daunting projects like merger integrations, corporate relocations, and IT overhauls. A recurring challenge for the firm was communicating the depth and breadth of their capabilities without overwhelming their clients with consulting jargon. They wanted a message that could capture the essence of their value proposition in a clear and straightforward way.

As part of a larger rebranding effort, Nextwave got to the heart of the client’s brand promise with a single statement: “Expressworks simplifies the complexities of change.” We developed a customer focused two-minute video, of which every element was carefully chosen to project the insight and accessibility Expressworks brings to its clients. The imagery – clean, modern, simple. The script – astute but conversational. The voice – smart but friendly.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Communicating the “can do” optimism of the Expressworks brand to clients embroiled in the turmoil of major organizational change.

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