Powering the World Forward

Comprehensive rebrand builds on 100-year legacy

Fairbanks Morse develops critical power systems and solutions for people who need it most, including the United States military, industrial businesses, and communities. Their systems are installed in every corner of the globe, from dense urban communities to the most remote locations.

With such a large and diverse-customer base grown over more than a century in business, Fairbanks Morse found it difficult to convey its vision, mission and complicated product offerings as a single cohesive brand. They wanted a new message and visual system that could capture the essence of their value proposition in a clear and straightforward way, yet maintain their established brand equity.

Nextwave ran the creative direction and execution of the re-brand, refreshing their touchpoints and expanding their image with complementary partnerships. While maintaining a visual connection with how the brand was seen before the refresh, we modernized the look and feel of the logo, created new brand guidelines, a new website, and designed a visual system for standalone, hosted and co-brand appearances.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Breathing new life into a long-established brand to reinvigorate its marketing efforts.

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