Creating Endless Possibilities.
Nokia Americas

Who Says Conferences are Boring?

“What makes us strong, makes us bold, pushes us beyond, creating endless possibilities.” Nextwave developed this statement as the central theme driving the messages and content for Nokia’s Global Sales Conference.

The annual event brings together 3,000 employees from around the world, and Nokia likes every year to include an unexpected “wow factor” that inspires the audience in new and different ways. Nextwave’s challenge was to create an exciting and memorable atmosphere that would resonate across cultures and languages.

It began with the kick-off video – an edgy, tech-forward montage with a pulsing electronic soundtrack – displayed on a 120-foot wide curved LED screen with hydraulic sliding doors. Wow factor achieved. The opening video set the tone for the next few days, for which Nextwave developed complementary digital and print content to engage employees at every turn. Throughout the week, Nokia’s salespeople were invited to look beyond and imagine the endless possibilities the future might hold.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Creating a comprehensive, immersive event experience for a global, multi-cultural audience.

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