Capturing a World in Motion
Nokia Americas

Trade Show Concept Illustrates Demands on Digital Networks

Nokia Seimens Networks “for a world in motion.” That was the company’s new brand positioning statement. And it was a good one, given that NSN makes network equipment that powers the global explosion of mobile broadband services.

But how do you convey that big idea on the canvas of a 40’x60’ trade show exhibit? It was Nextwave’s job to find the answer. Somehow, pasting big pictures on the walls just didn’t seem to exemplify the relentless growth of digital traffic. Then we remembered some of the compelling statistics NSN used in its sales meeting a month earlier, which really drove the message home. 6 billion text messages every hour; 12,000 Google searches per second; 780,000 iPhone apps downloaded per hour; 4 billion YouTube videos viewed per day, etc.

For the NSN exhibit, we took the idea a step further, taking factoids from popular culture (e.g. 3 million people follow Lady Gaga on Twitter). Dozens of these facts lined the booth surfaces and flowed across the walls in projected animations, immersing the visitor in the digital flood that broadband networks experience every day.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Bringing the client’s abstract vision to life in a tangible trade show experience.

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