Achieving Differentiation in a Service-Based Business
Peak Roofing & Construction

Rebrand Lets the Customers Tell the Story

Like people, every brand has a distinctive and unique personality. As for PEAK Roofing & Construction, the company wanted its brand personality to reflect the character traits found in its owners and hard-working staff: trusted, professional, honest and customer-focused. They weren’t just patting themselves on the back. Those words were repeatedly mentioned in customer comments and reviews.

PEAK turned to Nextwave to help them refresh their brand and capture how customers feel about their service. It was critical to be able to differentiate the company from thousands of other roofers in a non-regulated industry plagued by “storm chasers” and con artists.

In this full-service project, Nextwave helped PEAK create a new look and feel for all of its brand touchpoints (stationery, uniforms, trucks, and exterior building), and also developed new materials for brand positioning, advertising, digital marketing and online presence. Nextwave used a mix of humor, color and creative concepts across all media, including print, social, digital, and radio.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Bringing the client’s vision of the brand forward, highlighting the unique attributes that differentiate PEAK from a sea of competitors.

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