Making “Different” Tangible in a Company Brochure

A New Take on Change Management

It was a classic case of new school vs. old school. Expressworks, a consulting firm with an innovative approach to change management, wanted to set itself apart from the slow and stodgy image of well-known consulting giants. Expressworks asked us to produce a high-end printed brochure that captured the firm’s spirit, original philosophies and competitive advantages. “We’re different,” they said, and we listened.

Before deciding on a look and feel for the piece, Nextwave worked with the client to articulate its unique values and methodologies, which would serve as inspiration for the graphics. Each section of the brochure juxtaposed discussions of Expressworks’ viewpoints with real-life client success stories, much like the editorial pages of an annual report.

Nextwave’s visual approach drew on Expressworks’ bright logo colors to give the brochure a fresh, modern aesthetic. The next step was to transfer the client’s message of being different into a printed piece that actually felt different in the readers’ hands. We accomplished that goal with rounded edges and a “soft touch” cover stock that feels like holding a peach.

Nextwave’s Value-Add: Capturing the “real” Expressworks in a format customers can read, see and feel.

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