September 29, 2014 Karen Bouton

What am I doing?

I asked myself this question while volunteering my time.

Developing a logo that can embrace the depth of what Mercy House Kenya, a maternity home in Kenya Africa exists for, was a humbling experience for us. Behind the design of the logo is a much deeper story. A story of a place that offers an enriching family atmosphere to girls that are at-risk, abused or orphaned. Working on a couple projects with Kristen (founder of Mercy House Kenya) made me ask myself, what am I doing, what is our company doing, to help make the world a better place?

A logo or piece of artwork isn’t the only tool people need to realize their full potential. That’s why we came up with Nextwave’s One Plus One. We believe in giving both our money and our time, having this program reminds us to focus on both. We partner with Texas based non-profit organizations to contribute where there is great need. Each year we commit 1% of our sales and at least 1% of our time — that’s 25 hours per employee per year — to empowering people to become the best they can be.



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