August 11, 2014 Harry Bouton

By Subscription Only

When I was growing up, my Mom would subscribe to dozens of magazines…

Some, if not most, we had never heard of, or we had little to no interest in reading. But still every month they showed up. From Field & Stream, People, Good Housekeeping to Guns & Ammo to Vogue. If you were to ask her why so many subscriptions, she’d say they were at the beauty parlor, or the person sounded nice on the phone, then there’s the little girl that came to the door selling magazines to raise money was so cute … I always preferred the cookies. The worst part, once you had them you could never get rid of them. I love you Mom.

Now 30 plus years later, Adobe comes along and introduces what? A cloud subscription to download all or some of their programs, but wait, with free updates. A virtual candy store for designers … and now I’ve become my Mother. There’s Microsoft Office 360 -by subscription, stock image and media libraries -by subscription, blogs, newsletters and tech support…by subscription. I signed up for all of them … plus the digital versions of the magazines.

Can’t imagine anything better.



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