What’s your “woo woo” moment?

Hopefully, it doesn’t include creating an “ethnically ambiguous woo woo mascot”

I’m sure as designers, marketers, creative strategists, small studios and large firms, we have all experienced a “woo woo” moment. It’s not so much that we sometimes miss the mark understanding our customers’ customer, as it is our reactions when we think we are right and totally miss the barn. A woo woo moment just happened. There are plenty of companies that provide all kinds of analytics, how to’s, white papers on pretty much any demographic, workshops and boot camps, not to mention experts on experts. Adobe for sure has amazing solutions. These are good to have and understand, but can they help you avoid another woo woo?

It really comes down to basics, understand the customer, listen to the customer. Know everything that makes them tic from their pain points to their widgets and yes their own woo woo moments.

Here’s an example a client shared the other day. A meeting was scheduled to take place with one of their customers. As the presentation was moving along, the customer took the conversation down another path, which was addressed a concern of a specific nature. But, the individual giving the presentation wanted to finish the powerpoint he worked so hard on, and couldn’t understand why no one seemed focused on what he had to say. He was all up in his woo woo!

Let’s take the extra time listening to what the customer has to say, listening to the marketplace, listening to the advice and suggestions of the team.

And no more woo woo’s.



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